PAX MOLY Real Collagen Mask Pack 10 sheets


PAX MOLY Real Collagen Mask Pack 10 sheets

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*Contains  genuine collagen extracts

Using silky textured cellulose sheet soaked in Pure Essence, it helps strong water retention from outside to inside.

* Food grade essence with hypoallergenic ingredients can penetrate into deep dermis effectively.

* Dense but light weight sheet is adhere on skin easily and tightly.

* Silky softened cellurose sheet can stick to the skin firmly and easily so it enhances for essence to be absorbed skin effectively.

Highly soft silk-like touch mask pack adhere on skin tightly to deliver useful essence ingredients to moisturization complex widely and deeply to the dermis and to maximize the adsorption rate.

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How to use

After cleansing, soothe your face with toner. Place the mask onto your face and position it carefully. Let it stay for about 20 minutes then remove the mask. Pat the remaining essence on your face for better absorption.


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