Eyebrow Tattoo

We have 3 kinds of eyebrow procedure:

Hair Like Strokes, Mist Eyebrow, and Hair Like Strokes Mix Mist Eyebrow.

Cosmetic Hair Like Strokes

Hair like strokes, mimicking natural hairs are drawn in a pigment customized for you, without affecting the hairs you already have.

The pigment is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin which makes it less painful than a tattoo.

Tent to make the feeling of real hair one by one, making the eyebrows vivid, more natural, more three-dimensional.

Cosmetic Tattoo Colouring (Mist Eyebrow)

The effect after is very natural, with thin or nearly no scabs after the healing process.

It is like a brow powder that sweeps through the eyebrow, misty and beautiful, it will not appear too dull.

Hair like Strokes Mix Mist Eyebrow

The combination of 2 techniques. The lines one by one replacing eyebrows, while having the mist effect.

The overall appearance is soft, realistic, and natural.

Eyebrow Tattoo Price List

(including complimentary touch-up within 2 month)

  • Eyebrow Hair Strokes
    Eyebrow Colouring (Mist Eyebrow)
    Eyebrow Hair Strokes Mix Mist Eyebrow

We will treat your eyebrow as new eyebrow and charge AU $350 or $590 if customers come for touch-up after one year of the first session.