Cosmetic Tattoo

Semi-permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup also known as Micropigmentation is a temporary cosmetic tattooing technique. Micro-needles are used to implant natural iron oxide pigments beneath the epidermis. The pigment will last for 2-5 years depending on different skin types.

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Benefits of Semi-permanent Make-up

* The beauty effect is immediate and looks very natural.
* Semi-permanent make-up can save your time, you don’t need to apply make-up and remove it every day and can change according to the trend.
* A beautifully designed eyebrow shape can give the effect of a face lift , creating a younger and fashionable expression.
* Eyeliners make eyes bright.
* It is trully time-saving, labour-saving, healthy, fashionable and leading international beauty concept.

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Before Attention

*Permanent makeup procedure can not be performed if you have hyperthyroidism, diabetes, serious coronary heart disease, mental illness, severe scar constitution, allergic constitution and pollen allergy.
*It’s not recommended to get any tattoos near or during your period and during pregnancy.
*Do not use lash growth products at least one week before and after eyeliner procedures. And remove any eyelash extension before the eyeliner procedure.
*Permanent hair removal should not be done 5 days before or after the procedure.
* No chemical peels 60 days, No tanning, No caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours prior to the procedure.

After Attentions

*Please use anti-scar repair and color protection products to prevent infection, dryness, color off and scab.
*Please keep clean until healing. Avoid touching water within 6 days, do not expose to the sun. It is not suitable for hot water, swimming, bathing, hot springs etc before healing.
* Avoid exercise that causes sweating for 3 days.
* Avoid makeup, lash or brow tints and other facial treatments until the procedure heals.

* Do not manually pick off, peel or scratch the treated areas which will cause uneven pigment, scarring and infection.
* Do not eat spicy, seafood, tobacco, alcahol and other food with irritant and damp for 7 days.
* Do not drink water before sleeping at night after eyeliner procedure to avoid edema, and Do not apply hot water to the eyes.
* Your brows will turn darker and thicker after the procedure, the color will lighten and settle back to the original color you chose for the next 4 days.
* It is normal for some people to have pigment scab after the procedure.
* About 4 weeks after the procedure, the color will lighten and sometimes seem to disappear in places, Touch-up is necessary.
* Please book your touch-up appointment whithin 4-10 weeks, but no later than 10 weeks after your first session.

* The tattoo needle is one for each person, which is safe and hygienic.