About Us

LOTUSTUN Cosmetics & Beauty specialises in cosmetic tattooing and skin solution.

We have about over 10 years of working experience in beauty industry.

Our goal: By customizing , we bring out the best version of you and the latest trend and offer the highest of quality.


Beautician Lynne is specialized in natural eyebrow tattoo as know as semi-permanent make up and unique skin solution.

She has a wealth of practical experience and knowledge on eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelash extension…

Lynne has devoted all her life to fashion and beauty industry. She used to be Image designer, and also has over 10 years experience of beautician.

She used to study art painting, fashion design, beauty & skin care, cosmetic tattoo at colleges in Korea and Australia.

But she constantly updates her qualification and always follow the latest trend in brows, beauty…

She is serious and rigorous in her work and designs the most suitable eyebrow shape and eyeliner for each customer.